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Ketika Zynga Bertasbih Dari Isaiah C. Zynga Kepada Saya ..

Mei 21, 2010
27 April 2010 jam 22:51 

Hello Hendri,

Hi, my name is Isaiah, thank you for contacting the Zynga Poker Support Team.

Hendri, we are sorry to hear that you are missing your hard earned chips from your account. On checking our records, we found that you are indeed missing some chips. We are escalating your issue to our hack investigation team for further investigation. However, it is not guaranteed that the lost chips will be reimbursed to you, as it depends on the outcome of their investigation. Any decision on your claim made by the investigation team is final.

In the meanwhile, please make sure that you have followed the below mentioned steps to secure your account:

1. Cleared your browser’s Cache
2. Uninstalled Java completely, and then re-installed the latest version of Java
3. Conducted a virus scan and spyware scan of your computer.
4. Changed the password to your e-mail account. Your e-mail provider should have recommendations and instructions on how to make a more secure password.
5. Removed any alternate e-mail addresses from your social networking account.
6. Changed the password to your social network account.

Also, you may have alternate email addresses associated with your profile that could compromise the account. Please take these steps to ensure that you have removed any unfamiliar e-mail addresses linked to your accounts:

On Facebook:

1. Choose Account Settings from the Settings drop down menu
2. Go to the Contact Email section and click the Change option to view all of your addresses.
3. Check the list for any unusual addresses
4. Remove any e-mails that you do not recognize.

You will hear from the hack investigation team soon.

Kind regards,
Isaiah C.
Zynga Customer Support

N.B:Customer (Hendri Sulistiawan) 04/24/2010 01:45 AM
I reported, that there is stealing my poker chips, for the second time, the first event of poker chips I lost $ 7,000,000, and the second incident I chip in another $ 800,000 stolen, please find a solution, I should do?? me sad, and now I almost traumatized playing poker again,


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